Monday, September 20, 2010

Perfect Pi Shawl

It's done! It's done!
I've finally finished the Pi Shawl, and it's fantastic!
The edging took almost as long as the shawl, but in the end it's totally worth it.
Here it is pre-blocking. I think it measured approx 45" across:

I put it into a bath of Soak to get it nice & clean & wet to block it, and look what happened!
The red dye came POURING out of the yarn! My heart was in my mouth that I was after ruining it, after all the hard work!
Thankfully it doesn't seem to be any worse for the wear:
*sigh* Isn't it beautiful? It's not perfect, but I love it. It measures approx 52" after blocking. I ran out of yarn again after buying my extra wheel, so I gave up approx 3/4 of the way through the 576 pattern repeat and just began the edging.
Pattern: Pi Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmermann from Knitters Almanac
Yarn: Ístex Plotulopi Unspun Icelandic, 4 wheels of brown & 2 wheels of red
Needles: 4.5mm Addi Clicks and dpn
My only comment is that I couldn't close the hole in the centre after Emily Ockers cast on, as the Unspun Icelandic just came apart in my hand when I tried to pull it. So, it has an extra design feature in the centre. :)
A true labour of love project, but I'm going to be lovely & warm watching the tv this winter!


  1. 1. That. Is. Gorgeous.

    2. Ooh, you have those foamy jigsaw mat thingies for blocking! Must get me some of those.

    3. I'm dead curious about how you're blocking it - are those wires? I'd love to know more!

    Anyway. Congratulations. Beautiful thing.

  2. I have never used Icelandic wool, but would love to some time. Your shawl is lovely.

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog.

    Have a Happy Day.