Monday, September 13, 2010


I tend to accidentally run into things when it comes to knitting and my first encounter with the Zimmerman dynasty was way back in my days as a baby knitter. For a few weeks back in the early 90's I discovered this magic lady on PBS who knew more than one cast-on and loads of other tricks which were way beyond me at the time... especially since I wasn't studying knitting at university (obviously there was a flaw in the career counseling services at my secondary school). Turns out it was Meg Swanson and oh how I cherished those hours of procrastination we spent together.

Years later I finally received my first EZ book and while I've dabbled with a few baby surprises, most of them have been given away. Except the one I think is too ugly...

Or the February Sweater that is just too cute!

So I'm off on my first Knitting Elizabeth project. While there are no set rules, I've set myself some guidelines just to get going...

1) Pick something you will finish (I'm notoriously bad at completing things... still feel bad about my abysmal Ravelympic performance back in 2008);
2) Use the stash; and
3) Learn something new.

So with a trip home to Canada right around the corner I set off with some Mitered Mittens from the Knitter's Almanac. The goal is to finish these before I head home and get a couple of weeks out of them before my Mom or sister steal them.

I wanted to use the i-cord cast-on but 2 steps seemed like a pain, but them I found this one step technique which I modified with a provisional cast-on so I can graft the cord.

I'm knitting them up in Cascade220 that I received in the Irish Knitter's Christmas swap almost 2 years ago so I get to try some new wool and use the stash!

So 2 out 3 goals completed. Now we'll see if I actually finish them...


  1. Looking good! And I don't think that BSJ is that ugly at all!

  2. I think that BSJ is lovely, it looks like corn... I can also see why you wouldn't want to give up the Feb Baby Sweater, it really is lovely in that yarn.
    And, your mitered mittens! I love them. The colour is really vibrant, and the pattern looks great. I bet they're really snug.

  3. They look fab!! I LOVE the colour.

  4. Thanks! I really didn't like the BSJ when I stuck in a box a couple of years ago, but it is growing on me.