Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ever Increasing Circles

Partially cross posted from my blog:

My Pi Shawl progresses. I'm on to the last pattern repeat, 576 stitches. It's a behemoth now, each round takes forever:

It's really hard to photograph it, as it's all bunched up on the circular needles.
I think you get the idea of the pattern here:
As with almost all projects, I've run into a snag. This is all the yarn I have left in this colour:

Nowhere near enough. I do have 3 wheels in red & I was planning on doing the border in that colour, but I don't even think I've enough for the last repeat.
Now I guess I've two options:
1. Knit until I run out & then start the edging
2. Knit until I run out & continue in red to the end of the pattern repeat & then do the edging.
2. Order another wheel from The Yarn Room. It's only €5.95 and postage is free.
I have to admit, I'm loath to buy another wheel. I'm really trying to not spend any more on yarn before my holidays. I know it's only €5.95, but it's the principle.
I think I'll settle for No. 1 and knit until I run out. No 2 would most likely look rubbish.
If I'd planned it better, I suppose I could have alternated the colours between repeats, but hey, that's foresight & good planning, two things that I am not known for!
Good knitting!

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  1. Looking good! I'd love to try one of these. Looking forward to seeing the blocked pic :D