Sunday, September 12, 2010

The February Baby Cardigan

I know that Elizabeth calls it a sweater but it's a cardigan.

I've cast it on twice so far and then went away and did grocery shopping to avoid having to scream at it.

This is for a special baby. My cousin had a baby, it appears that this baby has some development issues. This is my cousin who lost her mother, a knitter, to Breast Cancer, the first grandchild in that family. Her mother would have been knitting like a mad thing to fill the child's wardrobe with beautiful knitted objects.

I have two balls of James C Brett Pure Merino (machine washable!) and a plan to knit the February baby cardigan out of it. Only it's not cooperating. This time I'm starting, it's not getting buttonholes, I'll crochet them on later. Hopefully this time, oh please let it happen this time, that I won't end up with 20 stitches more than I need when I get to the third repeat.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely sentiment to make for her. I had awful trouble with this cardigan too when I made it. My sleeves ended up inside out! Don't ask, I've no idea how I managed it. I hope you get it sorted, it'll be a lovely gift.