Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finished Mitts

The mittens are finished!

Yarn: Misti Alpaca Baby Me Boo Aran weight.

Needles: 4mm dpns.

Pattern: 36 Stitch Mittens by Elizabeth Zimmermann, in Knitting Without Tears

Mods: The results are fine - very wearable - but with some not so great points. They are too baggy (I did get gauge). The thumb is that awful restrictive unnaturally positioned one at the front of the palm. The weaving at the top is a little awkward. I would tweak this pattern a lot if I were to make it again. I would do it in DK instead of aran, to get snugger mitts. I would add a thumb gusset. I would try different grafting methods at the top, to see if it’s tidier.

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