Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back 2 School

It's late August. The sun is starting to fall below the horizon earlier. The rain is starting to pelt us a bit. The wind is chillier. All signs that it's ... back to school time! I had this idea of bringing myself back to school in a knitty way - and who better to guide you through how to knit everything than the great Elizabeth Zimmermann herself? I thought that if I just knit everything in one of her books, that then, then I would know so much more about knitting, that I would have a qualification, of sorts.

I hadn't even heard of EZ until last year, when the Brilliant Becca told me about her (thank you! I miss you!). She lent me her copy of The Opinionated Knitter, and by the time I'd returned home from Wednesday-morning-knitting-group that day, I'd been online and ordered myself some EZ-for-me. I got the Almanac first (above) and Knitting Without Tears (below). I love the idea of the Almanac the most - your knitting year laid out before you, all neat and tidy. This was the book I wanted to work through the most, but I was (as were the other blogging contributors here, who I approached very swiftly when the idea of Zimmerversity struck) daunted by the fact that January's project = an Aran sweater. Oh! The complex and fiery relationship us modern Irish knitters bear with that garment!

So, we blew the idea wi-ide open. A few clicks later, there was a blogspot set up. We're still adding contributors, so if you want to knit some stuff from EZ's books, and throw up a few pictures and words about it here, fire a comment below!

Rules are stressful and crap, so here are the anti-rules:

  1. you should have access to a book or pattern by EZ
  2. there's no time limit for knitting anything - take as long as you like to join in
  3. there's no specific order of garments - knit what you like from whatever book you like, whenever
  4. there's no rule about x amount of posts - post once a month, or twice a day - whatever
  5. shove your nickname in your post as a 'label' (down at the bottom, in the little box) so they're all collected nicely in the sidebar

Take your seats, open your books, sharpen those needles - class is now in session. 


  1. Such serendipity! I pulled out my copy of Opinionated Knitter last night (to show DH examples of possible necklines) and realised it was my first time to properly look through the book. Then I see your tweets this morning all about this endeavour. Elizabeth, she guides my hands, I tells ya!

  2. Sign me up to contribute please! (gushes) Oh Elizabeth, (sighs) how we do love thee!